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The Hollis Logistics Platform will help transform the way in which you manage your internal operations and the way in which you are able to serve your customers!


Easy to Use Tools, Interface

EFS TMS offers user-friendly interfacing tools that supports the management of your freight.



State of the Art Rating Engine

The EFS TMS Rating Engine allows you to load the most complicated LTL and TL tariffs: by weight breaks, pallet positions, CWT, Linear Feet, mileage.



Implementations Made Easy

Get the most out of your EFS TMS with training tailored toward your specific needs and set at your own pace.




Carrier API Connectivity

The new EFS API allows you to obtain rates, electronically dispatch, and retrieve shipment information directly from your LTL carriers.



EDI Capabilities

EFS TMS automates exchange of data in real-time: Load Tendering (204), Status Update (214), Invoicing (210)



Customer Facing Tools

The EFS TMS gives you the ability to Quote, Book, and Track all quotes and shipment activity with a complete set of online tools.



Accounting that Works

The EFS TMS provides an interactive accounting system that allows you to manage and audit your AR / AP. Sync into Quickbooks and eliminate double entry.



Real-Time Tracking Information

Receive automated tracking updates (EDI 214) from the carriers for all your shipments and retrieve real-time tracking information from the carrier’s website by clicking our convenient carrier tracking links

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